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Hybrid Wheat

Hybrid Wheat in Practice

Farmer Testimony SK

Trhový Štěpánov
Farma Vilímovský

  • Acreage: 200 ha
  • Altitude: 410 m n. m.
  • Average rainfall: 630 mm
  • Soils: medium to heavier
  • Structure of crops: 25 % WW, 25 % WOSR, 25 % maize, 25 % clovers

„I tried hybrid wheat for the first time on 24 ha last year. We made sowing in late September, so plants went to winter with only one tiller.

The advantage was that it grew all winter. Still, the crop was thin till the May. It had an average of 8 tillers and it was interesting that it kept them till harvest.

During the vegetation there was no need to treat anything significantly, not even mildew. Surprisingly, compared to OP wheat, the yield was 8.4 t/ha. The OP variety had around 700 ears per square meter and yield 6.8 t/ha. Hybery with 500 ears did a ton and a half more and extra plus was good harvestability.“

Farma Vilímovský, CZ
Farma Vilímovský, CZ

Farmer Testimony SK

Ing. Peter Bereš
AGROVES s.r.o. Zalužice (Tušická Nová Ves)

  • Acreage: 70,5 ha
  • Soils: medium heavy
  • Pre crop: winter oil seed rape
  • Soil preparation: ploughing
  • Date of sowing: 28. – 30.09.2017
  • Fertilizing: N 190 kg. P 18 kg (pure nutrients)/ha

„In the autumn period, HYBERY had balanced growth and emergence. During spring after one fertilizing the expected rapid growth with good health status. With the achieved yield 7.13 t/ha and with the quality we are satisfied. The wheat was grown overall at 641 ha and the average of the company was 6.17 t/ha.

This means that hybrid wheat had a higher harvest of about a t/ha than the line.“

Ing. Peter Bereš, SK
Ing. Peter Bereš, SK

Farmer Testimony SK

Boris Žitný
SHR Ringwald Peter,
Levice – Ondrejovce

  • Altitude: 200 m above see
  • Soils: brown, medium heavy
  • Pre crop: winter oil seed rape
  • Soil preparation: 1x disk, direct sowing
  • Fertilizing:
    • autumn: NPK 10:15:15 2 q/ha
    • spring: DASA 2 q/ha

„We grow the wheat hybrid due to higher performance in wheat production. At the beginning we chose a hybrid HYBERY, which is plastic and adaptable, has a very good condition and responds very well to the benefits of nutrients. We refer it to the sowing process with respect to crop rotation.“

Boris Žitný, Sk
Boris Žitný, Sk