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Hybrid Rye

Use of Rye

Rye offers excellent prospects today and in the future. Today, rye cannot just be marketed as healthy cereal for bread-making but also as animal feed and raw material for the bioenergy production and the production of spirits (vodka/Korn liquor).

Today and in the future rye cultivation helps to preserve agrobiodiversity as well as to lengthen crop rotations and by protecting natural resources to support sustainable agriculture – cost-efficient and resourcesaving!

Due to its undisputed positive nutritional value approx. 20 % of the rye is used for bread-making. About 15 % of the rye harvest is used for bioenergy. Thanks to its rapid juvenile development rye plays an important role in regard to biomass production and to extend crop diversity of crop rotations with energy crops. Rye is also an excellent and in particular a cheap component for the bioethanol industry or as wholecrop for feeding. Rye for animal feed takes the biggest share with approx. 60 % of the market segment. Apart from the economic aspects rye is a healthy and sustainable feedstuff.

Use of rye

Use of Rye

Use of rye ...